Chameleon & Martin System


Collar Reciever Size



Known all over the world as the most discreet collar on the market, the Chameleon® III-B collar receiver fits the needs of any professional or any dog handler who wants discretion and/or high options and functionality. The waterproof Chameleon® III-B showcases the unique patents owned by Martin System® which includes contact measurement (CMS), consistent reliable stimulation (SSC), and the tiny but powerful new high tension transformer (NHT) that enables such a small design with a long standby battery life and reliable stimulation at all levels.  Also, the Chameleon® III-B showcases the Chameleon® patents which enables adding or removing contact points to adjust sensation and changing the position of contact points to avoid necrosis. With the new bluetooth technology on the Chameleon® III-B, we can access Dogify, a free application by Martin System®. After installing Doggify on our phone (Android and Apple), we can get instant information about our collar including but not limited to: do we have skin contact, what is the temperature of our collar, do we have a charged battery. In addition, with the app the traditional default stimulation levels can be adjusted easily by the user to customize the collar for a perfect working experience. The Chameleon® III-B can be adapted as a chameleon visually and legally to the environment in which you are. Due to different legislation, some countries do not allow stimulation. Equipped with a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery, the Chameleon® III-B can be charged both by cable or by induction.

The Chameleon® III-B collar is the revolution of the evolution. Professionals know why. The SMALL size has 2 contact islands, the MEDIUM size had 3 contact islands and the LARGE size  has 4 contact islands on each side. The Small will fit dogs up to 14 inch neck, the Medium up to 18 inch neck and the Large up to a 24 inch neck.

This set has the Martin System PT3000 Transmitter. The PT3000 transmitter has a range up to 3000 meters in optimal conditions (for example, in open fields). Trees, buildings, corn and wheat fields reduce the range. The transmitter has 18 stimulation levels and 8 program modes (see specifications). The PT3000 allows you to work with 2 dogs on the same transmitter because the transmitter has two frequencies (extra collar receiver optional).You have 2 stimulation buttons for each dog (each frequency). This allows you the option to work with 2 different frequencies for one dog if desired. The transmitter automatically remembers the last chosen stimulation level for each button.


18 stimulation levels

LCD display

Uses CR2 3 Volt battery

Dimensions: 160x55x24mm

Weight: 92g

Water resistant

Compatible with the MICRO Collar Receiver, TT Collar Receiver & Chameleon®

8 programs:

Only tone (level 0)

Stimulation with tone

Stimulation without tone

Flash stimulation (1/4 second) with tone

Flash stimulation (1/4 second) without tone

Rising stimulation with tone and

Rising stimulation without tone and

Warning tone (1second) followed by stimulation with tone

Compatible with the Finger-Kick, Microcollar, Chameleon II, Chameleon III, Chameleon III-B and Micro-B.