Chameleon & Martin System



The Pull-Pinch Collar can be used similarly to a standard pinch collar and/or used as a dummy collar.

   - This multifunctional collar is specially designed by Michael and Bart Bellon to fit in the Chameleon®
        - philosophy: adapt to the environment (politically, legally, and visually.)
        - This collar can be the everyday collar that the dog wears. Snap a leash on when needed.
        - Use it as a half choke or a pull collar (by affixing the lead to one ring or two, respectively.)
        - Where it is allowed and when needed, you can transform your collar into a half choke or dead ring pinch collar
        - (by attaching the leash to the single ring or double ring, respectively).
        - When used as a pinch collar, the CPPC® can be customized
        - to how many, where, and what type of contact points are used.
        - Also, this device can be used as a dummy collar
        - * for people who are getting their dogs ready to train with the Chameleon® I
        - This Chameleon® Pull Collar/Pinch Collar (CPPC®) can adapt to the political environment you are in.
        - If you are in a country where pinch collars are illegal, you can take all the contact points out and use the collar as only a pull collar.
        - EP pending 18163368.6
        - USA patent pending 62/646,459


Collar Length Large: 36 cm

Chain Length Large: 44 cm

Circumference Large: 80 cm

Collar Length Medium: 29 cm

Chain Length Medium: 44 cm

Circumference Medium: 73 cm

Collar Length Small: 23 cm

Chain Length Small: 24 cm

Circumference Small: 47 cm