Chameleon & Martin System



A perpetual best-seller, the Micro-B collar receiver has been the pioneer of Martin System® training collars. The waterproof Micro-B collar showcases the unique patents owned by Martin System® which includes contact measurement (CMS), consistent reliable stimulation (SSC), and the tiny but powerful new high tension transformer (NHT) that enables such a small design with a long standby battery life and reliable stimulation at all levels. With the new bluetooth technology on the Micro-B, we can access Dogify, a free application by Martin System®. After installing Dogify on our phone (Android and Apple), we can get instant information about our collar including but not limited to: do we have skin contact, what is the temperature of our collar, do we have a charged battery. In addition, with the app the traditional default stimulation levels can be adjusted easily by the user to customize the collar for a perfect working experience. Due to different legislation, some countries do not allow stimulation. The B-series can be immediately adapted to the legislation of your country or region. Equipped with a rechargeable Lithium Polymer battery, the ultra-compact design of the Micro-B collar receiver weighs in at 34grams without the strap.

The Micro-B collar is an evelasting and unbeaten classic with modern design that allows customization for the individual dog.