K9 BSD-3 Rechargeable Ball Launcher with Barrel

K-9 BSD-3R (rechargeable) Behavior Shaping Device with Barrel and Black cover

To vary the height of the ejection of the reward, use different weight rewards. 

For example: 
tennis ball ejects 10 feet
hollow rubber ball ejects 4 feet
large Kong ejects 2 feet (must be inserted upside down).
solid rubber ball ejects 2 feet

When the BSD-3R unit is cocked , it is turned on and draining the batteries. Do not store or leave the unit cocked for long periods of time or it will run the batteries down.

The K-9 BSD-3R is Rechargeable (using only the K-9 BSD Charger). It is fully recharged after 6 hours of charging. The charging port is located on the outside
of the shell. The easiest way to cock the device is to insert a ball or Kong into the device and push down. If you have a BSD-3R with barrel, then insert a ball or large Kong upside down into the barrel and push down on the ball or Kong with the supplied cocking stick.