Top Notch K9 Equipment

TNK9 E-BUNGEE COLLAR 3/4 inch wide

Light Blue
The TOP NOTCH K9 3/4 inch BUNGEE  COLLAR is a high quality replacement for the standard strap collar that most e-collars come with. It's made from biothane and is highly flexible and waterproof. Its easier to get on and off the dog and allows for better fitment, connectivity and consistancy. At the same time its flexibility also allows  dog to be more comfortable and breathe easier. They are made to fit dogs with neck sizes between 14 and 24 inches and fit any ecollar that uses a 3/4 inch wide strap, such as Ecollar Tech Mini educator/ Micro educator/ rx90 & rx70 receivers, Sport Dog & Sit Means Sit collars and Garmin.  If you need something smaller or larger or for a Dual receiver collar please notate that with you order.s